05, Mar, 2024

Metropolitan Police Work Alongside Foundation With VRU Participants

On the 29th of February 2024, the Foundation arranged a visit from the Metropolitan Police as part of our hugely influential VRU programme. The day was a huge success with our girls getting the chance to ask copious amounts of questions about the Police and how they would go about venturing into a career in the Police Force.

Throughout the afternoon the girls were able  to experience activities and duties that different departments within the Metropolitan Police deal with. On the day, we had the Metropolitan Police Dog Unit, Forensic Team, and Riot Police present.

The girls were divided from their varying school groups, mixed and rotated between the three stations, spending forty-five minutes at each. 

Potentially the most popular station of the day was the dog unit, with all the girls swaddling around new recruit Finn a 4-month old German Shepherd ! The officer present explained to the girls the wide range of opportunities his unit posses such as trainers, handlers and officers right in the thick of the action. He further explained how he got into the role and what route he took after departing college and stated the number of ways that people can get into the job. Also present were the three dogs under his current watch, all with differing roles and jobs. The girls were fascinated by how different breeds of dogs were more adapt to certain roles within the force.

The second of the three stations was where the girls were introduced to the roles of the riot police. The officers running this station told the girls some of the most intense and interesting tales of their times on the force. They had bought along all the different equipment they use in differing situations and allowed the girls to try them on. The girls were shocked at the level of physical fitness required to perform their role whilst carrying and wearing all the necessary kit.

The final station of the day was run by the officers of the forensic team. The officers had set up a make believe crime scene for the girls to try and figure out. While trying to figure out the crime scene the officers were teaching the groups about different techniques and methods in establishing information and data analysis. The girls were massively impressed by the level of detail and concentration that is required to solve crimes and complete investigations.

Following the great work of all the groups Metropolitan Police Officer Anton Dennis had the following to say:

"The London Irish Foundation have been brilliant in allowing us at the Met to show the generations of the future the work we do and how they can get involved in all the exciting careers and opportunities in the force".

Andy Keast London Irish Foundation Chief Executive said, "We would like to thank the all the officers for their effort, enthusiasm and passion for each of the roles shown today. The women and girls have really enjoyed the link between the Foundation VRU programme and the Metropolitan Police and it most definitely has enhanced the programme".

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